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Back from vacation, feeling very relaxed and looking sun-kissed …

Thursday’s are usually the days when I’m most in thought: What am I doing this weekend? Why isn’t it Friday yet? Is it time to go home yet? You know things like that while on my morning commute 😂

Still day dreaming about laying on the beach and that oh so awesome time I was Captain Kim aboard the Non-such Bay Antigua sailboat 😍😍 One week before taking these pictures I was smooth sailing on the beautiful waters of Antigua … take a look

Wow, just wow is all I have to say! I was so happy

You wouldn’t normally see me wearing pants for a whole week but I wasn’t in the mood for dresses. And according to my bi-weekly IG poll, Thursday’s nautical casual chic outfit was the best. Still given off captain vibes:“Casual Chic”

i. Make…

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Butternut Squash Chili

Now the it is starting to feel like fall, you are craving comfort food. Try my new recipe for butternut squash chili 😊

2 cups cubed butternut squash
2 cups black beans rinse
2 cups chopped red pepper
1cups raw onion
1 8 oz can of diced tomatoes or sliced grape tomatoes
1 stalk celery
2 cups chick peas
2 cups veg. Stock
2 cups salsa
2 tablespoon miniced garlic
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
Salt to taste or use a few dashes of taco seasoning
5 dashes of cumin
3 dashes of chilli powder
1 jalapeno pepper sliced

Add all ingredients into crockpot and mix well. Cook for 5 hours on med temp. Serve with garlic bread or have it by itself.


How to Remix Your New Year Resolutions

3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Ball has dropped, the fireworks have fizzled, and the noisemakers are away – now it’s time to tackle your New Year resolutions.  You have recommitted, pinky promised and made an oath to yourself to finally eat better, lose weight, or quit a bad habit so you can enjoy life to the fullest. It is now 30 days into the New Year; how are you doing so far? Awesome? Ok? Gave up on day 4? Wherever you fall, don’t fret, we all have been there. Here are ways to successfully refocus your resolutions:

Yes Please! More Protein and Low Carbs: You do not have to be limited to eating only salad to eat better. There are many recipes on Allrecipes.com and several free apps like Epicurious or Yummly. Another great app is Fooducate; a tool you can use to scan the bar code on any food your buy and get a rating and nutritional value. These tools allow you to find healthy options and alternatives to typical “diet trends”, which will ultimately help you establish a fitness standard that can stand up to the curse of the discarded resolution.

30 to 45 Minutes of Activity is a Must:  Sweet, delicious, and decadent: a triple threat and demise to diet’s everywhere. To keep yourself on track, download any free pedometer app on your Smartphone and go for a walk. In 30 minutes you can burn between 90 and 360 calories. If you want a more detailed account of your progress, purchase a Fitbit; it will track your sleep and provide an accurate reading for daily steps. The Fitbit app also provides its users various personal and group challenges that all help to motivate you to keep moving.

Don’t Stop, Fading from Bad Habits is Better: A lot of us think quitting or going cold turkey is what works best. It is not, people who stop all at once usually go back to the same habit within the first month. Another option is to gradually move away from the habit. It takes time to stop something you have been doing for years. Be patient, but work on it daily. Try to replace the old habit with a new positive habit like, volunteering, walking, or scrapbooking.

Bottom-line, resolutions are created to improve our overall wellbeing and to challenge us to be the best we can be. Set realistic and measurable goals, i.e. drink 3 bottles of water a day or cut out ice cream for a week. There will be days you fall short, but just get back up and try again until you reach your goals. Remember, be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can.


The Value of Giving Back: How Giving Back Changed Lives (and History) for the better…

As the holiday season ends, a brutal and biting chill crashes against our warmly layered bodies. Old man winter has its grip on us but this is a time to reflect and renew our resolutions. The upcoming months are recognized as celebrating moments in history that shaped our lives as we know it. Giving back may seem minor, but the impact it can have is life altering.

“Many hands make light work” – this is a Tanzania proverb which holds especially true within a team or organization. We, at points in our lives, have needed the help of others. When we all pitch in, the work does not seem as stressful or burdensome. Throughout history, we have seen or experienced many examples of teamwork and unity.

Think about it – most movements started with a single idea from an individual or a small group of folks that eventually transcended to the changing of history itself. Who knew? Listed below are perfect examples of individuals changing history:

Harriet Tubman, was born to enslaved parents and eventually escaped slavery. Despite these hardships that very few were able to overcome, Harriet Tubman went on to become a leading abolitionist. She led hundreds to freedom by way of the Underground Railroad. A single person with a single desire.

Rosa Parks, who simply refused to give up her bus seat, ignited the Montgomery boycott and help to end segregation. A single person with a single action.

Lady Gaga, singer and actress, is an outspoken activist for LGBT rights. She established the Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit organization which encourages empowerment and issues like self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring, and career development for teens and young adults. A single person with a single belief.

Whether you donate money or time or talent to someone in need, a ripple effect of kindness is created. Step out your comfort zone. Your decision will help not only another, but will help you build and strengthen your relationships with others.

Nawlins, a city in transition

The heartbeat of Nawlins still goes on despite tragedy and the changing city. Music, culture, and cuisine are mainstays. If you have time to visit this city by the river, make sure you take your time. The city is jammed packed and spilling over the brim of funk and soul. Artists and thinkers don’t be fooled by the watered down circus of Bourban St. Enjoy the roadless traveled of Frenchman St. stroll down St. Claude Ave. and speak to the people waiting in the line wrapped around the block for piece of hope. Everyone just trying to make it and get by. A town hungry for a better way of life who ain’t afraid to hustle.  A trip to Frenchman St. is a must. The Blue Nile night club fills the club with energy and body moving music. I double dog dare you to try to sit still  soul and funk of the area. the band plays nightly and the crowd can dance and join along. lose yourself to the rhythm and blues while bopping and bouncing to the bass. 

Can’t Sleep? A few tips on how to organize your career goals

In the still of the night is a perfect time to ponder your next career move or the direction. It’s quiet and free of distractions. Check out these tips you can do during your next bout of insomnia.

1. Update your resume. If you recently switched roles update your resume with the current role or if you won any awards or received certifications. 

2. Review your Cover letter. Look for minor mistakes you may have missed. 

3. Update your Professional References page. Make a note to contact those listed the next day with a quick email asking if there information is still accurate.

4. Make two lists of companies you want to work. One local and the other in another state. Step out and take a chance. Don’t let distance hold you back from your next opportunity.

You are good but there is always room for Greatness!

Get some sleep

Is Change Possible?My thoughts 

Recent headlines tragedy, death, and horrific images. Blue on Black crime is on the rise. The brutally is tremendous however little has been done to stop it. I have never been more afraid for my father, uncles, brothers, cousins, and nephews. I overhear the preparation speech from their mother’s on how to act if pulled over by the police.

Rodney King after being a victim of police brutality said “Can’t We All Just Get Along” The answer is a resounding, No. But who is to blame? Law Enforcement? Congress? Media? Or African Americans? The answer is everyone.

Music and media depict images of violence, struggle, and pain yet these images are celebrated as an accomplishment. Music of encouragement and uplifting are not mainstream. But why not? 

The idea of a positive setting is unrealistic and nonexistent. Where is the love? I know it exists but why is love hidden and not shown?

When I was growing  up we had respect and pride for being black. I enjoyed learning about my history and culture. Learning about my people and their accomplishments

I pray we can find a peaceful solution. I want the violence to stop. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.