Can’t Sleep? A few tips on how to organize your career goals

In the still of the night is a perfect time to ponder your next career move or the direction. It’s quiet and free of distractions. Check out these tips you can do during your next bout of insomnia.

1. Update your resume. If you recently switched roles update your resume with the current role or if you won any awards or received certifications. 

2. Review your Cover letter. Look for minor mistakes you may have missed. 

3. Update your Professional References page. Make a note to contact those listed the next day with a quick email asking if there information is still accurate.

4. Make two lists of companies you want to work. One local and the other in another state. Step out and take a chance. Don’t let distance hold you back from your next opportunity.

You are good but there is always room for Greatness!

Get some sleep