Nawlins, a city in transition

The heartbeat of Nawlins still goes on despite tragedy and the changing city. Music, culture, and cuisine are mainstays. If you have time to visit this city by the river, make sure you take your time. The city is jammed packed and spilling over the brim of funk and soul. Artists and thinkers don’t be fooled by the watered down circus of Bourban St. Enjoy the roadless traveled of Frenchman St. stroll down St. Claude Ave. and speak to the people waiting in the line wrapped around the block for piece of hope. Everyone just trying to make it and get by. A town hungry for a better way of life who ain’t afraid to hustle.  A trip to Frenchman St. is a must. The Blue Nile night club fills the club with energy and body moving music. I double dog dare you to try to sit still  soul and funk of the area. the band plays nightly and the crowd can dance and join along. lose yourself to the rhythm and blues while bopping and bouncing to the bass. 

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