Can’t Sleep? A few tips on how to organize your career goals

In the still of the night is a perfect time to ponder your next career move or the direction. It’s quiet and free of distractions. Check out these tips you can do during your next bout of insomnia.

1. Update your resume. If you recently switched roles update your resume with the current role or if you won any awards or received certifications. 

2. Review your Cover letter. Look for minor mistakes you may have missed. 

3. Update your Professional References page. Make a note to contact those listed the next day with a quick email asking if there information is still accurate.

4. Make two lists of companies you want to work. One local and the other in another state. Step out and take a chance. Don’t let distance hold you back from your next opportunity.

You are good but there is always room for Greatness!

Get some sleep

Is Change Possible?My thoughts 

Recent headlines tragedy, death, and horrific images. Blue on Black crime is on the rise. The brutally is tremendous however little has been done to stop it. I have never been more afraid for my father, uncles, brothers, cousins, and nephews. I overhear the preparation speech from their mother’s on how to act if pulled over by the police.

Rodney King after being a victim of police brutality said “Can’t We All Just Get Along” The answer is a resounding, No. But who is to blame? Law Enforcement? Congress? Media? Or African Americans? The answer is everyone.

Music and media depict images of violence, struggle, and pain yet these images are celebrated as an accomplishment. Music of encouragement and uplifting are not mainstream. But why not? 

The idea of a positive setting is unrealistic and nonexistent. Where is the love? I know it exists but why is love hidden and not shown?

When I was growing  up we had respect and pride for being black. I enjoyed learning about my history and culture. Learning about my people and their accomplishments

I pray we can find a peaceful solution. I want the violence to stop. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

I’ll Take Happiness and a Side of Peace to go, please.

When I was younger, in my teens to early twenties, I believed happiness had to be created by two people. I thought my happiness existences was contingent on it. As I have grown older, I realize happiness is choice and a way of thinking based on experiences and cultivated through gestures, connection, and appreciation. 

My choice today and every day is happiness. Life is too short to complain about what we can’t control or hold on to anger.

Each day is a new opportunity to be better or to start being the person you truly want to be.

You can’t erase the past but you can change your future.

Food Intervention #1

Sitting in my kitchen, as I usually do when I am working through life’s ups and downs. I realize that my love life is like many of my recipes, inconsistent. Most of my recipes are created on the whim from ingredients that are just lying around. You know the type just sitting on shelves, or in the back of the cabinet minding it’s business. Then I decide to make it into something better or at least that is my intention. Sometimes I create a winner and share it with everyone my proud accomplishment and others never see the light of day to never to be spoke of again.

But sometimes there is a dish you make, that you know you should not have but you make it anyway because you love the way it makes you feel. Deep down you know it doesn’t nourish you and it is actually doing more harm than good. But why do I put myself through the suffering? Pills and Potions may deter the side effects momentarily, as your insides suffer silently while you indulge.

When is the right time to intervene between your euphoria and wellness? I am unsure of the answer. I am like a diabetic sneaking a taste or a cheat to satisfy my craving.

Eventually you have to stop before it stops you. Enjoy the foods that naturally agree with you and doesn’t cause an uproar when you consume them. Food is to nourish and fuel the body and beverage is to quench the thirst. Be bigger than the addiction of food and free yourself to a fresh and new start.

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